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Sejatinya, rasa suka tidak perlu diumbar, ditulis, apalagi kau pamer-pamerkan. Semakin sering kau mengatakannya, jangan-jangan dia semakin hambar, jangan-jangan kita mengatakannya hanya karena untuk menyugesti, bertanya pada diri sendiri, apa memang sesuka itu.

Tere Liye, Kau, Aku, dan Sepucuk Angpau Merah (via tulipinmay)


Should be :-)
Beautiful farewell :-)
Do you ever have someone who love you caring you for 75weeks after you went?
Without your love, she love you honestly
She never want your money, your love, or your body.
She love you anyway
Maybe she’ll always love you in her lifetime.
Even you don’t know.
Even you with someone else.
Even she with someone else.
You’re always in her heart.
She doesn’t know why.
But she does.

When Taylor Swift Makes Me Thinking of You

All that I know is I don’t know

How to be something you miss

Never thought we’d have a last kiss

Never imagined we’d end like this

Your name, forever the name on my lips


Because I loved your handshake, meeting my father

I love how you walk with your hands in your pockets

How you’d kiss me when I was in the middle of saying something

There’s not a day I don’t miss those rude interruptions


So I’ll watch your life in pictures like I used to watch you sleep

And I’ll feel you forget me like I use to feel you breathe

And I’ll keep up with our old friends just to ask them how you are


Last night I heard my own heart beating

Sounded like footsteps on my stairs

Six months gone and I’m still reaching

Even though I know you’re not there

I was playing back a thousand memories, baby

Thinking ‘bout everything we’ve been through

Maybe I’ve been going back too much lately

When time stood still and I had you


Come back, come back, come back to me like

You would, you would if this was a movie

Stand in the rain outside ‘til I came out

Come back, come back, come back to me like

You could, you could if you just said you’re sorry

I know that we could work it out somehow

But if this was a movie you’d be here by now


Stood there and watched you walk away

From everything we had

But I still mean every word I said to you

He would try to take away my pain

And he just might make me smile

But the whole time I’m wishing he was you instead


Come on, come on, don’t leave me like this

I thought I had you figured out

Can’t breathe whenever you’re gone

Can’t turn back now, I’m haunted


And I’ve been spending the last 8 months

Thinking all love ever does is

Break and burn and end

But on a Wednesday in a cafe

I watched it begin again












banyak cinta, banyak diem, bukan karena takut menunjukkan, tapi takut diabaikan.

dwitasaridwita (via amatmosphere)

and you throw your head back laughing like a little kid

taylor swift

aku cukup tahu dia dari sini saja, aku cukup lihat dia dari sudut sini saja, dan aku sudah bahagia seperti ini, dan dia berlalu tanpa tahu siapa aku

kami saling pandang tanpa bicara, sepertinya dia tau apa dihatiku tertera, oh dan waktu saat itu sungguh mengerti aku, dan dia berlalu tanpa tau siapa aku

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